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Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer unless specifically agreed upon (



We license the use of the images ONLY to the listing agent of the property at the time the photo is taken. The license of use is extended to the agent for the amount of time that the property is for sale under the commissioning agent.

Agents may also use ARC Imaging photographs for personal marketing of their general business in perpetuity.  Any other media (photos featured in magazines, television, third party websites, etc) will require citation and payment may be required for extension of the license specific to these uses.

Photographs taken by ARC Imaging may not be passed on from one agent to another agent should the seller wish to change real estate agents, or passed from a For Sale By Owner if they wish to hire a licensed real estate agent without express permission from ARC Imaging.  In these cases, the new listing agent will need to contact ARC Imaging.  ARC Imaging (at its discretion) normally requires that the new listing agent purchase the photos.  

We realize that the real estate profession is a competitive business.  Although ARC Imaging owns all rights to any photograph it takes, we do not want to damage our relationship with any client by licensing work they commissioned to a competing agent if the prior agent does not consent.  In these cases, ARC Imaging will be glad to shoot the property again for the new agent.  If the prior agent DOES consent, ARC Imaging will charge the new agent the full price we charged the prior agent - minus travel charges.  ARC Imaging will, then, give a credit to the prior agent in the amount of 25% of the square-footage fee.

We are fully committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. To that end, we try to be flexible and accommodating to how our customers use our images. We want to work with you to meet your needs. All we ask is that you discuss any transfer of medium with us before doing so. Generally, we will be happy to license use of our images as liberally as we feel able, but we must, and do, defend our rights to our images.


ARC Imaging endeavors to meet as many of our clients’ needs as possible.  Because of that, we value our clients’ time and treat it with the utmost importance.  

At ARC Imaging’s discretion:

Clients may be charged our current minimum rate as a late cancellation fee​ if - for any reason - they cancel less than 24 hours of a scheduled shoot.

If our photographers have left their home base to go to the shoot, Clients will be charged our current minimum rate as a late cancellation fee PLUS any travel fees (if applicable).


While ARC Imaging endeavors to maintain photo files for a period of one year, the client/agent is responsible for keeping photos once they are received by the client/agent.  It is rare, but occasionally our servers/storage encounter failures and files can be lost.  We are not responsible for the maintenance of photo files once they are delivered to the client.



It is the responsibility of the client/agent to have the home ready and in a condition that would result in photos reasonably pleasing to potential buyers.  ARC Imaging typically does not move items within a home and reserves the right to refuse to do so based on limitations by our insurance company.  If, at any point, our photographers/videographers needs to clean or straighten a room/home/property, ARC Imaging further reserves the right to add an additional charge for said work.



The safety of our photographers is of the utmost importance to us. We regret that in this day and age these precautions are necessary. We reserve the right to reschedule any photo shoot if ARC Imaging or any of our photographers does not feel confident in the shoot location or its surroundings.

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